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1 Aralık 2007 Cumartesi

Crank Up Your Energy In Three Simple Steps

Do you wonder where your power and your energy have gone? Does it seem like the endless power you had as a youth has melted away somewhere? Does it feel like old age came a little sooner than you thought it should? Take a moment to consider this: your age has nothing to do with your energy level. Neither does your sex, your job, or your social security number. These are all only labels.

You and only you create your energy level. The decisions you make every day are what drives the powerhouse inside of you that creates and determines your energy level. So lets give you some simple ‘meat and potatoes’ steps that will drive your energy factor up and save you from an addiction to things like caffeine and energy drinks. We’ll start from the most obvious and move to the simplest and most important:

Rule Number One: Garbage In Equals Garbage Out

Do not expect to receive any energy from junk foods and junk drinks. Only living, organic foods provide real energy. This means fresh, organic and kosher prepared meats, organically prepared fruits and vegetables, and home made fresh squeezed drinks from organic fruits and vegetables. Can’t always do this? Just try. Try to replace one item of food and one item you drink every day with a living, organic food. You will watch your energy level rise and your extra weight drop.

Rule Number Two: Take Your Vitamins

A multi vitamin and/or mineral combined with a daily essential fatty acid can and will round off the corners missing in your diet. Get a good brand and stick with a daily supplementation program.

Rule Number Three (last and most importantly): Maintain a Flexible and Balanced Body

Your body’s internal furnace will not create power if your body is stiff or inflexible. Flexibility is earned, not given: you have to create and maintain your own personal flexibility if you want any amount of energy and personal power. Your body’s ability to create energy and fight disease depends one hundred percent on its ability to function, and it cannot function in a stiff, inflexible body.

Take the time to learn the steps that must be learned to regain your flexibility. If you were forced to have a choice, a balanced and flexible body will go farther than an imbalanced and stiff body stuffed with expensive supplements and organic foods. Take action. Assess your flexibility and learn the simple rules and methods to regaining the flexibility and balance your body was born to have.

The most powerful foundation you can have to build a healthy body and to have an energetic life is to make certain the incredible body you were born in is functioning at the top levels it was designed to function at.

Dr. Bryan Brodeur

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