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Blogger vs Wordpress Comparison Chart 2011

In the following chart features at Blogger (blogspot.com) and Wordpress.com are compared. These are the two main contenders for free blog hosting. Features which are clearly better at either BlogSpot or Wordpress have been highlighted. Widgets are listed in another summary table after the features list. If you have your own website with PHP/MySQL support, you can download and use WordPress with no restrictions (get it here).
Updated January 2011.
Coming soon: Google Web Fonts and Mobile Templates at BlogSpot.
Themes and customizationBlogger has introduced a collection of easy-to-customize templates. Earlier templates can still be edited, but don't have the new features.No template editing. Style sheet editing is only available as a paid upgrade. Many of the 100+ themes let you upload a header image. Some have additional customization options.
Visitor statsBuilt-in dashboard stats (more info). You can also include third party tracker scripts — or any type of script.No scripts allowed. The admin dashboard shows 2 days of stats and daily, weekly and monthly charts.
ImportOnly from another BlogSpot blog.Import from Blogger, Yahoo! 360, Type·Pad, MovabIe·Type, Blogli, Israblog, Posterous, Vox.com, Live·JournaI or another WordPress blog.
Image storage1 Gigabyte. There is no interface to browse through the images unless you sign up for Picasa Web Albums.3 Gigabytes. Paid upgrades are available to add more space.
You can also upload .ppt, .doc, .odt and .pdf files (more file types with an upgrade).
GalleriesYou can use Picasa Web Albums.Simply add the tag [gallery] to any post or page (more info).
Static pagesBlogger allows up to 10 static pages to be created (more info).Create posts or 'pages'. Static pages are listed in separate menus.
Post excerptsExpandable post excerpts (more info).Post excerpts with a "more" tag.
Post by emailSubmit your posts by email. You can receive new posts by email too (helpful for team blogs).Submit your posts by email. Images can be attached (more info).
Contact formsNot available. You could add a third-party contact form, however.Simply add the tag
to any post or page. New:
Enhanced contact form.
Domain namesFree domain name mapping (more info).A paid upgrade is required to map a custom domain.
Private blogsYou can restrict access to invited Google account holders.You can restrict access to 35 invited Wordpress account holders (unlimited with a paid upgrade).
Alternatively, individual posts can be password protected or Private.
Team blogsAdministrators and non-administrators only.Administrator, Editors, Authors & Contributors. Option to receive post changes by email.
CommentsVisual confirmation, spam filtering and moderation options, but no editing of comments.Moderation, comment editing and Akismet spam protection.
WidgetsSee the next table.
Blogger comments:
Visitors can preview comments. They can also choose to receive follow-up comments by email. However, the embedded Comment Form option is entirely dependent on JavaScript. Spam filtering is now available as an alternative to moderating every comment.
Wordpress comments:
In 2009 Wordpress.com added follow-ups by email and comment threading options. Wordpress has more comment options than Blogger, but there have been problems with Akismet spam protection. See this post on the WP user forum...
Widgets compared:
BlogSpot WidgetsDescription
Add a GadgetSoftware applications that do cool things. There's an extensive menu in the sidebar.
Popular PostsDisplays a list of popular posts on your blog.
Blog statsDisplays your blog's visitor count.
PagesDisplays a list of stand-alone pages on your blog. You can create up to 10 pages.
FollowersDisplays a list of users who follow your blog.
Search BoxSearch over your blog, your blogroll and everything you've linked to.
HTML/JavaScriptAdd third-party functionality or other code to your blog. [ i.e., any third-party widget]
TextAdd some words to your blog - like a welcome message - with our rich text editor.
AdSenseEarn revenue by displaying relevant ads on your blog.
[for the sidebar]
Add a picture from your computer or from somewhere else on the web.
SlideshowAdd a slideshow of your photos to your blog.
Video BarClips from YouTube and Google Video for readers to watch without leaving the page.
PollSurvey your visitors by adding a poll.
Blog ListShow off what you read with a blogroll of your favourite blogs.
Link ListAdd a collection of your favourite sites, blogs or web pages.
ListAdd a list of your favourite books, films or anything you like.
FeedAdd content from an RSS or Atom feed to your blog.
NewsreelAutomatically add current headlines from Google News to your blog. (see an example)
Labels [categories]Show all the labels of posts in your blog.
Subscription LinksLet your readers easily subscribe to your blog with popular feed readers.
LogoChoose from a variety of Blogger logos to add to your page.
ProfileDisplay information about yourself.
[Wordpress blogs have an "About" page]
Blog ArchiveDisplay links to older posts.
Page HeaderDisplay your blog's title and description.
Wordpress.com Widgets
Akismet | Archives | Authors | Author Grid | Blog Stats | Blog Subscriptions | Box.net file sharing | Calendar | Categories | Category cloud | del.icio.us | Flickr | Gravatar | Image | Links | Meebo | Meta | Pages | Recent Comments | Recent Posts | RSS | RSS Links| Search | SocialVibe | Tag Cloud | Text | Top Clicks | Top Posts | Top Rated | Twitter | Vod:Pod Videos
In addition, WordPress shortcodes are widgets for individual posts.

Theme choices

Blogger has introduced new, easy-to-customize templates. Earlier templates can be modified, or you can install a third party theme. Make sure that third party themes have the latest layout tags.
Although the Wordpress.com collection of 100+ themes sounds like a lot, finding features you might want is a challenge. Customization options are limited unless you pay for an upgrade that allows stylesheet editing. Wordpress.com uses a scheme called Typekit for changing fonts, while Blogger offers a straightforward method to choose between standard fonts.
New: WordPress theme browser: http://theme.wordpress.com/

Ongoing improvements

The WordPress team frequently add new features and themes, and since the new BlogSpot publishing system was rolled out in 2006, the Blogger software team have added new features too. Visit the developer blogs to find out what's new:


In 2007, I wanted to find out what was on offer in terms of free blog hosting. Before that, Blogger was looking stale, and Wordpress.com didn't have nearly as many themes or features as it does now. I chose Blogger, and this was my first post. If Wordpress.com allowed stylesheet editing without having to pay, and visitor stats comparable to the tracker scripts you can obtain for free, my choice would have been Wordpress.com for sure.